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Seelsorge und Beratung bei der KHG Marburg

The Catholic University Community Marburg offers a wide range of counseling services for students in various phases of life and study.
Regardless of denomination and religion, students can take advantage of the following services:


Do you want to reflect on your life and your relationship with yourself, others and/or God?
In a protected space, you can talk about your questions, doubts and joys with spiritual guidance.


Do you have a specific problem and want to tackle it, but don’t know exactly how to go about it?
We will work with you to find solutions and ways out in a goal-oriented manner and in concretely agreed steps.

Pastoral care

It’s all about YOU and what’s on your mind right now!
Courage, comfort, encouragement, advice or simply an informal and relaxed chat over tea or coffee – the university chaplains are available for confidential discussions.
Our university pastor Martin Stanke also offers confessions.

Financial support

The Catholic University Communiy Marburg supports students who have got into financial difficulties through no fault of their own. The prerequisite for a limited amount of support is that students are currently unable to earn a living through part-time jobs. There is no legal entitlement to financial support.

Coaching for career starters

Are you about to start your career and wondering which job really suits you? Our potential coaching sessions offer you clarity and guidance. Find out what expectations and wishes you have for your future job and your personal development. Get started now!

Contact us:

Martin Stanke
University pastor KHG Marburg
phone:  0049 175 7520500
Viola Sinsel
University Chaplain KHG Marburg
phone: 0049 175 4778868